Kapu Lodge

Kapu Tattoo is Kauai's premier tattoo shop. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and clean atmosphere as well as offer outstanding artists from all over the globe that truly love what they do. Our tattooers are all professionally apprenticed and Hawaii state licensed. No worries about an unsterile environment here, our tattooers are trained in the prevention of cross contamination and all of our needles, pigments, cups, etc. are single use and discarded every time.

Come down and check out our state of the art design library complete with over 100,000 ideas, or bring in your own. Polynesian, Japanese, American Traditional, portraiture, tribal, Chicano, color, black and grey... We do it all!! We have spared no expense to make sure you come away with the best tattoo and experience possible. Come by and check out our beautiful shop on your next visit to Kapaa, Hawaii! And... check out our online store HERE !

Our new studio is open for business!! Come check us out at 4-871 A, Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, HI.

(directly behind the Lemongrass Restaurant in Kapaa)  

The Hawaiian word kapu is usually translated as "forbidden". In ancient Hawaii, kapu refers to the ancient system of laws and regulations. An offense that was kapu was often a corporal offense, but also often denoted a threat to spiritual power, or theft of mana. Kapus were strictly enforced. Breaking one, even unintentionally, often meant immediate death. Today you find "KAPU" signs at nearly all sacred Hawaiian grounds and ancient heiaus that mean KEEP OUT thus protecting the structures and culture. We at the Kapu Tattoo Company felt this was a very srong and important word and are proud to protect and be a part of Hawaiiana tattoo culture.


4-871 A, Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, Hawaii - 808.821.8640

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